Titles of Office and Honour

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Titles of Office and Honour

Postby Laurentian Korvush » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:51 pm

This Conclave recommends the creation of a uniforn system of titles awarded to holders of offices and special honours among members of our coalition.
No Alliance or corporation shall be forced but all ecouraged to adopt these styles.
These titles are not hereditary and neither imply noblity nor seek to challenge the ultimate authority of Holy Amarr. They merely represent the responsibilities held and honours earned
by members of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and her Allies in their struggle for the full reclaiming of Providence and Greater Amarria.

All titles may at any time be revoked by the authority who granted them or higher.
Should the owner of a title defect and be marked KoS his title is forfeit.


- High Magistrate (CVA exec)______________________Appointed by his predecessor
- Protector (holder alliance exec)______________Granted by Magistrate
- Principal of the Empyrean Council___________ Appointed by Magistrate
- Prefect (Corp CEO) _______________________ Granted by next superior (Magistrate or Protector)
- Warden (Someone Overseeing several systems)_Granted by next superior (Magistrate, Protector or Prefect)
- Governour (someone overseeing one system)___Granted by Warden (Should the system be a Holder Alliance's only one, then granted by Protector)
- Marshal (Keepstar commander) _____________ Granted by Magistrate or Protector
- Lord Slaver______________________________Appointed by Empyrean Council
(Chairman of the Council for Blest Reclaiming)
- Constable (Fortizar commander)____________ Granted Warden
- Steward (Astrahus commander)_____________Granted by Governour

Please take note:
In the cases of Protector and Prefect the „granted by – column“ only describes who can grant this title, not who can appoint to the actual office. Of course any holder alliance and corp can decide themselves who their exec or ceo will be. However It is the respective Magistrate or Protector who grants the coaltion title to go with it. The Magistrate will usually name the holder exec Protector once he confirms his pledge of faith.

The Lord Slaver can by definition of his office only be a true amarr holder hence the use of the word "Lord" is appropriate.


-Magistros - Highest, rarest and most prestigious honour. An example of a possible recipient would be a retiring CVA Executor or others similarily worthy.
((Usually a new Magistrate's first acts of office upon appointment and cornfirmation of their Paladin's or Holder's oath depending on status within the empire would be to name their predecessor Magistros))
-Patrikios - Very high and rare honour. Examples of possible recipients would be retiring Holder Alliance Executors, especially distinguished Coaltion FCs or similarily accomplished.

The Order of Deliverance - Especially distinguished combat pilots and leaders.
The Order of Providence - Especially distinguished Civic leaders or contributors such as retiring long time corp CEOs or industrialists who made great sacrifices for the common good.
Both orders are equal in status. The individual recipient's honour is determined by the granted rank within the order.

OoD:__________granted in the name / with consent of:___________ by at least:
-Taxiarch_______ Magistrate____________________________________ Magistros / Protector / (senior coalition admiral)
-Sir/Dame_______Magistrate____________________________________Patrikios / Protector /(senior coalition admiral) / Protostrator

-Pinkernes______Principal / Magistrate__________________________Magistros / Protector / Principal
-Sir/Dame______Principal / Magistrate_________________________ Patrikios / Protector/ Principal / Papias

The titles of Pinkernes, Taxiarch and Sir/Dame are the only ones that may be awarded to pilots who are not members of the coalition.

"Senior Coalition Admiral" describes a rank possibly created at a later time among our military leadership which most of us have agreed lies outside the scope of this conclave.
Younger brother of a minor holder in khanid, history with the order of st tetrimon. exact capacity ist still to be reviewed so i don't mess up stuff.
if you feel I am missinterpreting or am unaware of PF, please contact me OOC so I can correct myself ;)
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Re: Titles of Office and Honour

Postby Utari Onzo » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:48 am

By 8 votes to 1 this proposal has passed the voting stage. If the proposal is in direct conflict with another successful proposal a Councillor may raise this issue.
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