Of Titles

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Of Titles

Postby W Sherman Elric » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:33 am

First issue how to title: I propose that titles be tied to duties at the coalition level and not below. Those titles are tied to the duty not to the individual. I also propose that there be a commission to give honorary Titles to those who deserve, this commission can not have anyone from the same alliance as the capsuleer before them. If such an event where to happen the member of the commission should recuse themselves from the issue altogether. I also propose to allow holders to determine their own title and rank structure if they so choose.

Second issue all titles are limited in scope and power to Providence. (it my hope that such a system would have the appearance of assumption of duties strictly reserved for Empire).

Note: those with titles from Empire retain those titles and those powers that come with them. My proposal is not to be all encompassing, rather it is a frame work from which to build upon. None can take Lord Vaari's titles nor devalue it in any way.

Third issue: The titles themselves in general I care little for what we use with one exception. I propose to formally anoint FuriousPig as "King of the North" My reasoning is simple even Kings are often subject to higher power so the granting of the title does not exceed any other holder in terms of importance and justly remains below the coalition leadership titles how ever they are agreed upon. And my last reason is under the KISS principle: His people call him that already so why change it.

Last issue: I propose that we create the frame work for a follow on commission to determine the correct titles (excepting Furi's)

To recap: Yes to titles for leadership positions down to the holder level (with the one noted exception). Yes to a commission to honor the very best of us. Yes to these title being limited in scope and power with the Providence region. No to potential Favoritism.
W Sherman Elric
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Re: Of Titles

Postby Vaari » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:41 pm

I must remind that we should not create titles that indicate that some low born is nobility. I can help to create prestigious titles.
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