Protection of Faith act

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Protection of Faith act

Postby Erika Wallker » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:26 pm

Protection of Faith Act
(1) The Amarrian religion is the only official religion in Providence
(2) Other religions are tolerated as described in §2 and §3
(3) Enemies of the Amarrian empire are per definition excluded (See §5).

(1)Free non-Amarr are may practise foreign religious traditions individually or collectively in private places.
(2)Local authorities may deny permission to establish permanent places of worship,if deemed harmful to other residents of Providence (See §4).
(3)Such gatherings and institutions are under the supervision/protection of the authorities.
(4)The Magistrate retains the right to ban individual preachers or cults from Providence, if deemed harmful to other residents of Providence (See §4).

(1) It is illegal to slander or attack followers of tolerated beliefs. Violators are subject to fines or in worst case persecution.
(2) Enlightenment in academic debate or sermon is excluded.

(1) Harmful conduct includes:
- Attacks on people, religions or religious entities (Both Amarrian and others).
- Slander of the Amarrian Empire or God.

(1) Enemies of the Amarrian empire include:
- Pilots involved in Warfare against the Amarrian Empire (both Factional and KOS Pilots)
- Sani Sabik / Blood Raiders
- Sansha
- Equilibrium of Man
- Sixth Empire
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Re: Protection of Faith act

Postby Utari Onzo » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:49 am

By 9 votes to 0 this proposal has passed the voting stage. If the proposal is in direct conflict with another successful proposal a Councillor may raise this issue.
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