Creation of the Empyrean Council

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Creation of the Empyrean Council

Postby Laurentian Korvush » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:58 pm

The Conclave of Providence recommends

the formation of the Empyrean Council as the head of the civic administration of Providence.

§1 Responsibilities
The Empyrean Council shall
-(1) report to, advise and serve the Magistrate on all matters of civic administration
-(2) create, supervise and appoint leaders of administrative departments or reconsolidate them
-(3) develop further legislation
-(4) supervise judicial administration and enforcement.

§2 Members
The Council consists of
-(1) The Principal,
-(2) The heads of all subordinate departments,
-(3) Members named by special decree.

§3 The Principal
(1) The Principal is the leader and voice of the Council.
(2) His word cannot be overturned by the Council.
(3) He is appointed by the Magistrate.

§4 Superiority of the Magistrate
The Council derives it's powers exclusively from the Magistrate. It can enact no regulation without his consent and any measure taken can be overruled by his word.
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Re: Creation of the Empyrean Council

Postby Utari Onzo » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:47 am

By 8 votes to 1 this proposal has passed the voting stage. If the proposal is in direct conflict with another successful proposal a Councillor may raise this issue.
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